Curry, free Coke Cola and Zoom!!

Yes, I am ashamed to say that this weekend has been a bit of a blow out. I have done no cycling, not once donned any lycra nor had to nibble away on bland energy biscuits. Instead, this weekend has been full of chasing Winston around; we have had 3 puppy play dates, one near death experience with his new dog bed and a 2am wake up call. I watched on as Liverpool limped their way to a 0-0 draw with bitter rivals Manchester United all whilst struggling through the remaining dehydration following last nights Chicken Saag.

We had, rather naughtily, been wanting a take away since the turn of the year. With my training going relatively well in the last 2 weeks, I have allowed myself to have that bar of Dairy Milk or a Creme Egg, or sometimes both. So last night, after far too much chocolate we also allowed ourselves a takeaway curry. A decision which ultimately wrote off any chances of a decent Sunday ride. The curry was great, but I am realising as I get older that I am delicate and was soon in search of liquids to rehydrate. Even the free 2 litre bottle of Coke was useless.

Alas; this weekend has not been a complete failure in terms of the preparation for Ride Across Britain. On Saturday morning; I held the first meeting with a number of cyclists who will also be completing RAB. With a combined 8 years RAB experience we had a great first call; covering topics such as training; RAB route; gear; past experiences and general top tips; the best involving a plastic bag and a pair of bib shorts but I will leave that tip for later.

I am pleased to say that following the call; we have decided to hold another but this time we will be recording the session and posting it onto this blog. The aim is twofold; firstly, to allow riders of RAB to get some really great insight from other riders from a wide range of topics; such as those mentioned above. Secondly; I think this will allow me to provide the readers of the blog who are not taking part in RAB another perspective of the event. I think you may have had enough of me talking at you by now; and so I have decided to give you 30 mins off.

I hope that the call will be held within the next week and the recording can be uploaded soon after. I will of course update you all when I can.

I would like to personally thank Lynn, Yvonne and David for both their time and contributions on the call yesterday and I look forward to talking with you all again in the week. For those who couldn’t join on Saturday, please feel free to join the next meeting if you wish.

Moving away from Curry, free coke and Zoom calls; this week is going to be another big week for training. Cycling will be as ever present but yoga returns from an extended Christmas break whilst an old friend rears his head – Sprinting. In the guise of cross-training, this week sees me return to the track (park). What a great way to support the cycling training than with some high intensity sprinting. (“Be careful”, Sophie cries over my shoulder whilst proof reading this post, “its slippy at the park”)

As a kid I used to love sprinting; watching Dwain Chambers and Mark Lewis Francis doing their thing really turned me onto sprinting to which I was, all those years ago, a fairly competent sprinter. I trained for hours at Coventry University, under the floodlights with no distractions; just sprinting; it was pure joy. Unfortunately, as past memories fade, so do talents; and my expectations for sprinting at the park on a grey Monday lunchtime are quite low. If I don’t pull a hamstring I will be happy!!

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  1. I owe you, Yvonne and David my thanks for inspiring me to get out for a ride this afternoon. It was an unseasonably mild 2 degrees Celcius with 40 km/h winds and intermittent rain. Similar to what we’ll experience in Scotland perhaps. I bundled up and did 23km, and it felt wonderful to be on a real bike again. The indoor workout has its place, but it simply doesn’t compare to a real ride, with real puddles and real hills.

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