Fundraising Update

Good Evening everyone, I wanted to just write out to provide a fundraising update!!

Many thanks to the large amount of people who have already donated. Your support for this cause is warmly welcome and the money will be put to excellent use by the British Heart Foundation.

The great news is that we have now reached 80% of the £2,500 target. A huge thank you to all!!

We therefore have another 20% to go, another £500 to hit our target!! Should you wish to donate; please follow the following link:

Over the last 4 weeks I have cycled some 220km a week on average. My fitness is getting to new heights, the weighing scales don’t recognise me anymore and our fundraising amount is flying.

My offer to you is as follows: I will keep the kilometres adding up; if you keep the cash coming!!

We are so nearly at the target. I am hoping to achieve the target as soon as I can so I can focus on the final training knowing that We have smashed it together during what has been a trying 12 months or so!

Once again, thank you all so much for your support so far and thank you for all your continued support for the remainder of the journey, whether that be financial or mental support!!

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