1 down, 2 to go

As quick as the stag had came around, it disappeared within the blink of an eye. Albeit a blurry eye, which was left crying in pain as I was peppered with paintballs while dressed down in suitably inappropriate attire.

Nevertheless, what a weekend it was. But for now, the attention turns to the next big event of my triple header. The one for which readers are most interested in, the Ride Across Britain (Unless you are Sophie where your interests I assume are more on the wedding!!).

It only feels like yesterday that I signed up, yet it was almost a year. A couple of months ago the focus was all on training, training and more training. In recent months, my attention had to become focussed on a) surviving my stag do and b) organising the rest of the wedding plans. This has meant longer rides have been less frequent in the calendar, whilst trips to the pub have taken a little more importance. Failing to train for a stag do would have finished me off. My training served me well.

Whilst long rides have taken a back seat, my recent cycling training has had an air of consistency to it. Most nights after work my rides have progressed from 60 mins up to about 3 hours. I have found this fairly tough of late, especially with the weather becoming a little more unsettled.

The good news: I am feeling fit. The fittest I think I have ever been. The bad news: there is no time left to train. This is it. The time is now. I will spend the following 10-14 days ‘tapering’. This essentially means training for 45 mins to an hour on the turbo trainer of an evening. A years worth of work and we are soon about to see if I have done enough. As I prayed for stag survival, I will also pray for a RAB survival.

The bike has also had 2 services in the past 6 weeks. I have spent a lot of cash so far on getting the bike in the best condition it can be in. I have replaced tyres, got spare spokes, changed inner tubes and even bought myself a ‘multi tool.’ For those that don’t know, I am terrible at all things DIY so when trying to understand my new Multi Tool, I often think to call my father but then realise at that point I may become disowned. One thing is for sure, I will be making friends with the mechanics as soon as I get to Lands End.

And so here we are, 2 weeks away from the event. The bike is sorted but I have no cash left. I am tired after my stag, I have a some tools that I just look at and please don’t get me started on attaching mudguards.

This aside I am feeling ready to go. All I need to do is pack my bag. All of my confirmations are in. My hoody and race jersey are being dispatched and I also have a date when the bike will be delivered to me post event. Hotels are booked for Sophie when she makes her way to pick me up. It is all systems go. I just need make sure the bike is ready for collection on the 27th. Looking at the instructions gives me a cold sweat though. Apparently, I need to take the pedals off and turn the handlebars to the side. Here we go again. This is all I need. Did they not see my note on DIY capability?

It will all be fine. Surely?

I will post a few more updates in the coming weeks along with some additional photos and video content.

In the meantime, stay safe.

If you wish to donate to the event please see the following link: https://uk.virginmoneygiving.com/fundraiser-display/showROFundraiserPage?pageId=1201664

Love as ever,


5 thoughts on “1 down, 2 to go”

  1. Oh Matty I’m so proud of you. Good luck. I hope the weather is kind to you. Lots of love Sue

  2. Top stuff Matthew, beautifully written – let’s go for it! I literally cannot wait to read your next few blogs and am especially looking forward to you post bike ride blog.

    Fantastic Matthew, I am very proud of you xxxxxxx

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  3. You are ready for this and have planned this carefully, so we have every confidence in you, subject to passing a diy test first! Take a spare tube, easier than fixing a puncture! Good luck and looking forward to reading about your progress.

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