It’s just a Complex. Deal with it.

72 hours now until I arrive at the first basecamp for the ride. In 72 hours, I will be being taken through the registration process for the ride. Collecting my tracker, picking up the bike, setting up the bike (with help from the mechanics no doubt), finding my tent, rolling out the 3 season sleeping bag, opening a valve on the self inflating mattress and setting out my luxury pillow. OK, so I may be falling more on the glamping side of things but little luxuries will be the way through the 9 day event.

In all seriousness, the closer I get to Friday the more nervous I become. I have never been so worried about catching COVID-19. I am double jabbed and tested negative today but I cannot seem to relax. I will do another test tomorrow or Thursday and use this as a second form of proof, along with my domestic COVID 19 passport thingy as my route to event entry at Lands End. I should be absolutely fine, as long as tonight’s cake tasting (for the wedding) goes without a glitch.

In addition to the COVID worries, I am suddenly carrying 2 injuries. How I have managed to get through the last couple of months without so much as a scratch (putting to one side the time I fell off the bike whilst stationary at some temporary traffic lights), only to be the recipient of 2 injuries in the week of the event, the lord only knows. Typical.

The first is a knee injury, a twinge, which seems to have developed whilst walking the dog in my wellies. 2 solutions have been implemented. 1) A knee support and 2) A new pair of walking boots.

The second. A crick in the neck. I turned over in my sleep the other night and something in my neck simply sounded like it had ripped. Yesterday, to look left, I had to turn my entire upper body to the left. Today, it has eased somewhat but I am applying Deep Heat constantly as well as popping Paracetamol every few hours. I have also over reacted and threw out my old pillows and replaced with an ‘ergonomic’ la de da fancy pillow from Tempur. Cost – £100. What am I thinking?! Slept like a log last night mind and so possibly it was the right step. Time will tell.

So the bike has gone, the bags are nearly packed. I need to make some final choices on what I will call ‘evening wear’. Joggers or my new Peter Storm walking trousers (which detach to become shorts). Crocs or walking shoes. Hoody or fleece. Admittedly, my evening wear choices have changed substantially in the last 10 years. It used to be what shirt and jeans do I need for a night at the Student Union. The difference between the choices show somewhat how life has changed.

On an admin point, I have a tracker link available for anyone who wishes to follow my progress and live. You can select the participant list and just click my name. I am number 28.

I would also like to thank everyone for contributing to my fundraising effort. I am absolutely bowled over by the generosity shown by everyone. My target was £2,500 and at the time of writing the total is at £3,170 (£3,531.25 inc Gift Aid).

In such a time of trying economic pressures, I want to say a massive, massive thank you to everyone for your contributions. I add the link below for anyone still wanting to donate.

Anyway, I am nearly ready. The training is done. Money has been raised. Money has been spent. The time is now.

Legs Don’t fail me now.

2 thoughts on “It’s just a Complex. Deal with it.”

  1. You will do it. Just remember why you started and that will keep you going. We’re all so proud of you xx

  2. I have downloaded the app and will follow your progress. Don’t think about the hills, think about your luxury pillow at the end of the day! I am sure it will be challenging at times but don’t forget to enjoy the scenery en-route and take in the sea air as you cross the old Severn Bridge

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