For every BRO – Watch me grow my MO

A fun month for us all to come together and grow our MO’s. Whether you go for traditional slug, the handlebar or something a little more exotic, perhaps channel your inner Poirot.

The important point to keep in mind is the reason why you are growing a MO. To support developments in the prevention of or managing of Mental Health, Prostate or Testicular Cancer.

Reading from the Movember website the reason to grow a MO is apparent.

‘Globally, 1 man commits suicide every minute.’

Looking to some slightly dated but just as hard hitting statistics from Mental Health England we can learn that the highest suicide rate in the UK (2014) was that of men aged between 45-59 which saw 23.9 out of 100,000 deaths came as a result of suicide.

In the same year, men were more likely to to commit suicide at 16.9 deaths per 100,000 compared to 5.2 women per 100,000 deaths.

Similarly, it may surprise you to learn that Prostate Cancer is the most commonly diagnosed Cancer in the UK. Annually, 1.4 million men around the world are diagnosed with Prostate Cancer. Meanwhile, Testicular cancer is the number 1 cancer young men are diagnosed with.

Something has to change. There are numerous organisations out there who can provide support, information and guidance to individuals and families going through a situation involving Mental Heath or a cancer diagnosis.

Movember, Samaritans and Mind are all great sources for more information. I provide links below should you wish to visit any of the above.

Myself, I want to do my bit to help where I can. Not only will this blog show the progression of the MO over November, but I also have booked onto the Mental Heath First Aider training course which begins on Monday. A course I am truly looking forward too, if not, a little anxious.

I hope you enjoy the upcoming photos over the next month but I also urge you where possible to take a read over some of the links above and talk to your friends and family about these topics.

Let’s start the conversation! You never know who may be needing to talk.

Oh, and lads, get to know your nuts, know what is normal and keep an eye out for any changes.

Be safe and take care all.


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  1. Well done Matt. We look forward to the photos and hearing how the course is progressing x

  2. Great post, always good to raise awareness!

    Ps. I’m not sure we’ve discussed the moustache…

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