What now?

Well, haven’t the past 6 weeks been an absolute whirlwind?

Ride Across Britain – Done

Wedding – Done

Mini moon – Done

Cycle Holme Update – Done

This should lead one to conclude that everything is well. Everything is on track. This would be a mistake.

What came after the extreme high of the wedding and the mini moon was a somewhat of a ‘significant’ low. I will conduct some research but anecdotal evidence suggests that every couple after a wedding suffer from post ‘wedding blues’.

Trying to get back into a regular routine has taken time and has been difficult, whilst certain activities, such as morning yoga, have fallen away – albeit temporarily. One hopes this is part of the ‘wedding blues’.

I have now been back at work nearly 2 weeks and it was only yesterday that I began to feel I had a handle on things. The first 8/9 days back were really tough. I found it hard to focus and technically I was like a rusty old bucket with a hole in the bottom. Where had all my knowledge gone? At points I thought I had really forgotten everything. 

But then I wonder whether I am just, unconsciously, deciding to enjoy some ‘downtime’ after a completely busy few months and weeks.

Looking back to the calendar, we haven’t had a clear weekend since early/mid June. Our focus has been on the wedding. Band. Caterers. Dresses. Suits. Guest list. My focus split between that and training. 4/5 times a week I was out on the bike preparing for RAB. Hundreds of kilometres a week, hour after hour in the saddle or on a yoga mat. 

Now, this is all done. All completed as listed above. Whilst we revealed in the success, happiness and joy that the above events bought, we are left with somewhat of a ‘hole’. The realisation of how much time had been invested in the above events is somewhat of an eye opener. What are we going to do now?

My initial answer was to rest. This is fine, and this is why I haven’t done any cycling, any yoga nor planned any major events for upcoming weekends. Very quickly though my mind is turning on again. 

I found myself looking at bike rides in 2022, talking to friends to organise a gentle ride out at some point. I have taken to getting some long overdue ‘house jobs’ done. I had a roofer around yesterday and an electrician is coming soon. 

I have simply been pottering the house to keep busy. This is the best way to describe my activity over recent days and weeks. I made an apple crumble yesterday lunchtime and surprised Sophie with it when I took her dinner to the farm!! I was stopped dead in my tracks when asked whether I had put cinnamon in it. I will look past that cheeky query! 

Looking forward though, I must look to replace that hole with more meaningful activity than is offered by ‘pottering’. I will get back on the bike again soon. I will get back to my yoga. I will also write more blogs, possibly covering a slightly more wide ranging topic base. I will continue to look to expand the site and the blog. I will look to start my cycling coaching badges.

In conclusion, We had a fabulous couple of weeks with the ride and the wedding. We felt some post wedding blues, despite the wonderful memories of the day. However, now there is time for new things, new opportunities. 

The road to take is ours to choose.