Bring on the Mo

On Sunday night I shaved my beard to reveal a youthful, fresh faced looking individual. Who knew that with a few strokes of the razor I can look like I was about to sit my GCSE in History again.

Maybe that is me being kind to myself. Perhaps the years have beaten me up more than I care to admit. I will let you make your mind up.

Sophie is not happy about the MO situation. She supports the cause but is not over the moon about me sporting either an, ‘undercover brother’ or a ‘connoisseur’ style moustache. To see more styles, please see the following link:

Day 1 picture is this blogs image.

Good luck to all the BRO’s.

2 thoughts on “Bring on the Mo”

  1. Honestly Matthew you look so young, I wonder how much this month will age you 😀.

    Go full on connoisseur !

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