Trying to hide amongst 55,000 West Ham fans

What a weekend that turned out to be!! Beer, beer, curry and more beer!! I am still paying the price.

On Saturday, Harry and I watched the Manchester derby followed by England vs Tonga and then the first half of the Brighton vs Newcastle game, before Sophie and I opted for a takeaway curry. On reflection, the thought of a Chicken Garlic with a pilau rice and popadoms is much more attractive after 8 pints of lager.

By 9am on Sunday, I had drank about 5 pints of water. The pursuit of rebalancing salt levels resulting in the ‘breaking of the seal’ very early in the day. An issue as I hadn’t even started travelling down to London to watch the West Ham vs Liverpool game with Michael. An issue I brushed off with the optimism of a suspected Liverpool win later that day spurring me on. Oh how wrong was I!

Sitting in amongst 55,000 West Ham fans, forever blowing bubbles, having to celebrate each of the Irons 3 goals and sit on my hands for each of Liverpool’s 2 goals, secretly singing You’ll Never Walk Alone, made for a challenging Sunday afternoon. Mixed this in with a semi grown moustache and relatively frequent loo trips, I like Liverpool was beaten and needed to get back up the M1 to bed.

At least now nothing else could be an issue this weekend! Hold your horses.

It also turned out that we have developed block drains at some point over the weekend. The to-do list now includes, locate old man hole, remove said man hole and unblock the drains. A task, when added to the above, is really not contributing to building my positive mood. Will I just call Dyno Rod – I think so!

So its now 12:11 on Monday morning (at time of writing). My lungs feel like they belong to a 70 year old, and my head is fairly clear now but it has taken all morning for the ‘beer fog’ to lift.

I need to exercise.

I need to get out on the bike. I planned to go at lunchtime. I unlocked the bike and was ready to go before realising the back wheel had seized up and the wheel simply doesn’t move. OH MY LIFE!!!!

So now its either Yoga or sit on the turbo for 30 mins. Not really either what I wanted today. The bike is booked into the shop on Thursday and so my ride out has been somewhat delayed.

I need to do something otherwise I think my lungs will simply give up.